About Our Company


We are Licensed and Insured Contractors. We are experienced in all aspects of building construction, including residential, commercial and industrial. We have successfully completed projects ranging from homes, apartments, daycare’s, restaurants, bars, school renovations, church renovations, offices and small manufacturing facilities. We specialize in remodeling and restoration work, including smoke, wind and water repairs. We maintain our own in-house custom wood-shop, allowing us to provide specialty and custom construction supplies, woodwork, and cabinetry.

Our Principles


We strive to provide the very best quality. We are our own worst critics.


We work with our customers, employees and subcontractors in a professional, fair and honest manner at all times.


We will provide you with the best possible value for each and every project we complete.


We have made relationships the foundation of our success, We are proud to say that many of our clients have also become very good friends with many on our staff. Don’t be surprised if you get birthday cards or happy anniversary cards from us someday.