Fire Damage Restoration in Webberville Michigan

fire-1No one wants to deal with a house fire or the aftermath of  fire damage repairs. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is crucial that you work with a team of pros who are also compassionate to your situation. Help reduce the amount of stress this time of your life can cause by picking just the right company to work with.

First, let’s talk a little about what you should and should not do following a fire.

  • Do change your HVAC filters – this will help improve air quality in the home and prevent soot or other debris from moving around the home and causing more damage.
  • Do not turn on the ceiling fan if you find the ceiling is damp. The wiring could be compromised and this could cause more problems, including another fire.
  • Do wash the houseplants on both sides of the leaves. This will help give your plants a better chance to survive. Plus, this removed debris that could later cause smudges on walls and carpets.
  • Do not try to clean up any electrical appliances that were near the fire, heat or water. Since they could be damaged and faulty now, it is important to let a trained professional take care of this task.
  • Do tape dual layers of cheesecloth over air registers. Like with changing the HVAC filters, this helps improve air quality and prevents flying debris.
  • Do not do any of the cleaning yourself. Better to let someone with training and experience handle it. This includes wall surfaces, carpeting or upholstery.
  • Do keep your hands clean at all times to prevent damaging surfaces with dirt and debris on your own hands.
  • Do not send dry cleaning to anyone who does not have the ability to work with fire damage repairs items. Although the items may come back looking clean, they are likely to be left smelling like smoke forever.

Finding the Right Professional In Webberville, Michigan

So now you know you need a team of experts in the industry to take care of all of these tasks, and more. Not to mention you need someone who has the ability to be sympathetic and understanding during this trying time. This is why you should be working with a professional insurance restoration specialist.

A team of  fire damage restoration professionals  can help you through this time. There is a professional available to help you no matter where you live, in every state and Canada too. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to restoring your home and your life, after a fire or other disaster.

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