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Emergency Services Available 24/7

It is important to get professional help right away during an emergency situation. Whether it is water, fire, smoke, mold, or storm damage, you need someone to act quickly.

Our field technicians are available Day or Night, so they can be there for our customers when they need it most. Any emergency situation needs a quick response done, so the water removal and restoration process can be begin immediately, preventing further loss to your possessions and your home or business.

Your Posessions

When your property has been in an emergency loss, whether it is water, flood, storm, or fire, your contents need to be removed and stored off-site to start the restoration process. Our Windy Brook Restoration skilled team of technicians will remove your appliances, furniture, clothing, and possessions from the damaged environment and stored in a climate-controlled and secure facility during the restoration process on your property. Securing your possessions will be important and required by an insurance company, preventing further damage for their policy coverage.

Our Simple Process

  • All of you belongings will be inspected, catalogued, and we will itemize all affected contents of your home or business and will sort items into salvageable and non-salvageable categories.
  • An inventory and manifest will be created and also provided to your insurance company. Our documentation will be highly detailed and done accurately.
  • Your possessions will be stored in a secure facility, in a portable storage container or offsite in a secured warehouse.

Our Talented Team

Every one of our field technicians has undergone extensive training through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification), the recognized industry leader in restoration education. Not only that, but they have also undergone hands-on training with all of the tools and equipment of the trade, along with ongoing training for leading-edge technology.

Our friendly staff and professional technicians are extremely knowledgeable, and can answer your questions directly. We take the process of storing your possessions very seriously and completely understand how important your belongings are. Windy Brook Restoration values the trust you put in us. Know your possessions are safe with us.

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Day Or Night Emergency Damage Cleanup

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