Storm Damage Restoration in Grayling Michigan

How To Recover After Storm Damage


Bad weather can spring up without much of a warning. Most of the time when a bad thunderstorm is threatening your area, you barely have enough time to find shelter. As a homeowner, it is important that you think about these moments before they occur.

Do you have the correct insurance policy? Is your home going to be covered in the event of a disaster? Is the amount of coverage going to be enough to restore your home? Thinking about these questions before the  storm damage  occurs can make your life after the storm much easier.

Before you do anything else, stop and make sure your home is covered for the following:

  • Water and Windstorm Damage
  • Debris or Tree Removal
  • Sewer Backup Due to Flooding
  • Sump Pump Failures Due to Flooding
  • Additional Living Expenses In Case A Storm Forces You Out of Your Home

Once you have the proper home  insurance coverage for storm damage, you can feel safer during the event of a tragedy. Seeing your home in ruins after a major storm can be heartbreaking. It can be difficult for families to know how to move on from this misfortune. The best thing you can do for your family and your home is to begin storm damage recovery immediately. If you have suffered loss or damage because of bad weather, refer to the following tips on how to recover:

Take Pictures of the Damage

As soon as you are able, you need to start taking pictures of the damage done to your home. The trick to good  storm damage recovery  is keeping solid records of the damage. This includes any conversations that you have with your insurance agency and with your contractor about the damage. You should be able to provide them with pictures and evidence of the destruction.

Photograph any outside damage and property damage that has been done to decks or outdoor buildings. The interior and exterior photos of your damage should be taken from a variety of different angles to capture the severity of the damage.

Report You Claims

It is crucial that you contact your home insurance agency immediately after your home suffers from storm damage. This is one of the biggest steps in storm damage recovery. Your homeowner’s insurance company should be able to provide you with support and structure for moving your restoration process forward.

To start, you should find an exact copy of your homeowner’s insurance and determine if the damage exceeds your deductible. You will then need to work with your insurance company to get the necessary money and repairs completed. They will be able to recommend a home renovations contractor. From there, you can get a quote from the contractor and report it back to your insurance agency.

Finding a contractor that works directly with your insurance company would also save you a lot of time and hassle. Being the man in the middle of two companies can be difficult. There are some home renovations contractors who make it their goal to work directly with your insurance company to improve communication during the project. This will take a lot of stress and pressure off of you during this difficult time.

Make Temporary Repairs

Once all the proper claims have been made and the damage has been reported correctly, you can begin to make some temporary repairs. These repairs do not have to be major reconstructions, and they do not have to last your family forever. You can start by making sure your home is livable again.

If you have suffered roofing damage, place a tarp or plastic material over your roof to keep your home from being damaged further by additional rain. If you have lost a wall or a large portion of your home, work on closing off that section of your house until you can do more permanent constructions.

Allow Your Family to Recover Slowly

Home repairs do not have to be completed all at one time.  Storm damage  can take several years to fully recover from, and it is important that you give your family the time they need. It might be a while before your home is fully restored to its natural beauty, but it is important that you take your time and get the job done correctly.

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